Launching the Newsletter


End of April 2020 I sent out the first edition of my newsletter. It’s meant as an experiment, for me to share more regularly what I’m paying attention to (Thanks, Rich, for this great framing) and what is going on in land but also generally on my end.

Why a Newsletter?

Since I’ve changed jobs beginning of 2019 and went freelance, a lot of stuff happened. I’ve learned tons in so many areas and got to know many great people. And yet, time flies and it already feels like I forgot half of what happened in the last year.

Then, a few weeks ago, sometime early 2020, I started to write down project names I thought about or activities I did. On a small sticky note with the heading “What’s going on”. This filled up quickly. And when a dear person whom I shared lots of amazing conversations over the last months mentioned they have an extra file on their computer, where they put all the links I post in a shared Slack team, I got reminded, that I also read & kinda process a lot of stuff. Plus lots more happened that reminded me, that I do things that are non-obvious to others and that I might not only help myself by being more mindful of what I do and learn, but that I might even help others with it.

And, not least, I cherish human connection above everything else in my work. Sharing what I learn, and create and pay attention to with you is a way for me to initiate human connection with you.

So, please, reach out, feel free to see this as a conversation starter and to tell me about what you pay attention to, and share with me what you think about and create.

Now, that we got this sorted out, I’d be happy if you subscribe and go on this journey with me.

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