Episode 02

“On 1on1s” with Christian Uhl

Note: This episode is in German.

1on1s, the practice of two people (usually a manager and their direct reports) meeting regularly for various reasons, are one of the most powerful tools for managers.
If people ask me, what’s the one thing they should do when becoming a manager, I always answer “1on1s”. Which of course is a simplistic answer, but then again one that allows lots of productive unpackaging of what makes great management, but you get my point.

I find the practice of 1on1s so important, I’ve written about why I do 1on1s and how they can be structured some time ago.

Funny enough, Christian, who somehow started a podcast about his journey on becoming a manager around the same time as the first cto.coffee episode and a fellow software crafter, mentioned those blog posts in one of his podcast episodes and he and his co-host said something along the lines of “it’d be cool if we’d make an episode with Benjamin about 1on1s”.

So, given that I love talking about humaning in tech in cto.coffee it was a no-brainer, that I had to talk about 1on1s with Christian.

So I hope you have as much fun and get as much out of our chat as we did while making it. If you’ve got questions or any kind of feedback, do contact me.

Contrary to the first cto.coffee episode I’m more the talker in this episode with Christian and we recorded this episode in German. Also it was cross-posted to Christian’s podcast, so you might have heard it before.


This episode is in German!

cto.coffee - Episode 02 - “1on1s” with Christian Uhl

Show Notes

You can find Christian on Twitter as @chrisuhl and follow his podcast Uhl, Steine, Scherben, where he shares his journey of switching from developer to manager.

~1min - Charity Major writes about the “The Engineer/Manager Pendulum”.

~9min - My blog posts about the purpose of 1on1s.

The intro/outro music in the podcast was made with Sonic Pi from this code.

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