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cto.coffee is a podcast about people in technology. It features short conversation between me and varying guests, where we talk about the people side of technology and developing software.

If you like talking about the human side of technology, then I’d love to talk to you. Do reach out and let’s have a chat.

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Episode 05 - "Engineering Management" with Marcus Blankenship

Marcus Blankenship, long-time management and leadership coach, agreed to join me for a chat about Engineering Management. About 'management as a profession and leadership as a skill' and to discuss the shift in Engineering Management over the last years, what this new or not-so-new kind of Engineering Management is, what it's practices are and some opinions and pointers where it's coming from.

Episode 04 - "Career Growth Frameworks" with David Morgantini

This time David Morgantini joined me for a chat about engineering ladders and career growth frameworks. David is currently building SkillsMap, a company focused on creating tools that reduce the cost of creating a growth culture in organizations.

Episode 03 - "Developer Relations and Community" with Felicitas Kugland

Felicitas Kugland joined me for a chat. Feli is a Principal Product Engineer at an agency. And while that title sounds like you've heard it before at other companies, Feli and her employer are interpreting that position in a very interesting way. Besides working on client projects, Feli's is effectively working as a Developer Relations person, as one of the first in the company, and as such is also building the meaning of Developer Relations for the company.

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