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cto.coffee is a podcast about people in technology. It features short conversation between me and varying guests, where we talk about the people side of technology and developing software.

If you like talking about the human side of technology, then I’d love to talk to you. Do reach out and let’s have a chat.

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Leadership as an Individual Contributor

Or: How to lead if you're not a manager. In the time of empowered (and hopefully self-organizing) teams it feels like a given, that not only people in management positions should be the ones taking on leadership. Heck, some teams and organizations even require their teams and senior developers to 'be leaders' without any kind of formal authority. At the same time, it feels very difficult to nail down what leading means for people who are not enabled by an organization's authority as managers usually are.

On the Structure of One on Ones

Over the course of those last two years, I found a structure for having 1on1 meetings that helps me a lot to get the most of these meetings, and which also helped to make 1on1s a deeply ingrained part of vaamo's tech team culture.

On the Purpose of One on Ones

Since I started working at my current role two years ago, I started to give the purpose and structure of the 1on1 meetings I had with my team members more thought.
And I want to share what I think is the purpose of having 1on1s.

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Episode 09 - Being Intentional with Stephen Lewis

In this episode, I spoke with Stephen Lewis, CTO at Palatinate Tech at the time of the recording. While we touch on a lot of topics, I think the main themes of our conversation are being intentional in your leadership, failing and the multiple benefits you get by building a trusted network of peers.

Episode 08 - Empathic Management with Alex Schladebeck

In this episode, I spoke with Alex Schladebeck, CEO at BREDEX GmbH, explored her working hypothesis of empathic management, which she shortly describes as "servant leadership with hearts".

Episode 06 - "Symbolic & Observational Thinking" with Yulia Startsev

For this episode, I had the honour to sit with Yulia, who works on Firefox's Developer Tools at Mozilla and is also Co-Chair of Ecma's TC39 in 2019. We talk about symbolic and observational thinking, what it is, how it relates to software development and how it can shape the way we think about learning and teaching.

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