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Hi 👋,
my name is Benjamin Reitzammer.

With over 20y of experience in the tech industry, from Developer through Engineering Manager to Startup CTO, I nowadays support and build high performing organizations where positive, human-centered practices and relationships are front and center.

Check out a few of my past projects and products that I’ve worked on to date, or have a look at a more detailed account of the my work experience on LinkedIn.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’d like to know more.

My Values

All of my work is guided by the following beliefs:

People first: People are not a resource. People are the foundation and pillars of every tech-related organization, and therefore should be treated as such. With humanity, dignity, respect, empathy, openness, to enable strong relationships rooted in trust and clear communication.

High performance teams are built on human connection: A myriad of factors go into enabling teams to be high performing. That said, for me one of foundational factors that enables high performance, is the active nurturing of human connection between all members of a team. Human connection enables better and deeper communication, and not the least psychological safety.

Everything is a system: There are no silver bullets to any of your challenges, and most of the times also no straightforward solution. No Agile is the same in any company, not one technology xyz can be the only answer to a team’s or organization’s challenges.
Instead in order to overcome challenges, we must look at teams, their current solutions and their challenges holistically, and improve them with clear, measurable experiments.

Supporting & Serving People is the most effective way to lead: In today’s complex environments anybody who claims to have all the information and therefore should make all decisions, is holding on to a very dangerous illusion. Instead leaders should support and serve others around them and let authority reside with the information.

Diversity & Inclusion cannot take a backseat: Building diverse teams rooted in inclusive behaviours is not only a sensible thing to do from a business point of view, it’s the right thing to do.

If you don’t subscribe to these beliefs with the same fervor as I do, then we should definitely talk, as I’m very interested to hear about the beliefs that guide your work.

Let’s Talk

Agree? Disagree? Go on, write me a sentence about what you think about all this.