Episode 04

“Career Growth Frameworks” with David Morgantini

Welcome to the fourth episode of cto.coffee, the podcast about humaning in tech.

This time David Morgantini joined me for a chat about engineering ladders and career growth frameworks. David is currently building SkillsMap, a company focused on creating tools that reduce the cost of creating a growth culture in organizations.

As you will hear from our conversation, David is deep into this topic and reflected the ins and outs of career growth frameworks quite a bit.

There were a lot of great and insightful moments in our chat, but one that stuck with me the most (~26min), was when David lays down the real reason for having a career growth framework in your organization. Which is that it enables and fosters communication around what team members should be able to do in order to grow. And that it’s actually up to leadership and the environment in your organization to allow the team members to actually do it.
David describes this beautifully and it pays nicely into one of my personal, foundational leadership beliefs, which is that the environment, the system of an organization must be deliberately formed for people to be able to bring out their best, and grow.

In any case I think hope you get as much out of this conversation as we did while recording it.



cto.coffee - Episode 04 - “Career Growth Frameworks” with David Morgantini

The episode was recorded 25-Aug-2018.

Show Notes

You can find David on Twitter as @dmorgantini and his company is SkillsMap.

~2min - Tes Global’s app-skills-matrix

~9min - David explains three styles of frameworks, which he also did on the SkillsMap blog

~42min - Rent the Runway’s engineering ladder; see also this overview of a lot of different ladders

The intro/outro music in the podcast was made with Sonic Pi from this code.

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