Episode 08

Empathic Management with Alex Schladebeck

In this episode, I spoke with Alex Schladebeck, CEO of BREDEX GmbH. We explored her working hypothesis of empathic management, which she shortly describes as “servant leadership with hearts”.

We speak about human connection, being present for your team, showing you are human, and understanding life outside of work. I think our conversation shows that Alex truly cares about others as a part of who she is as a person. Which made talking to her during this episode really special.

A key point Alex mentioned in practising empathic management is leading by example. Showing your team that you too have vulnerable moments and that it is ok to step away and come back when the time is right. This not only fosters better communication but invites everyone around you to be empathic.

As a manager, you may shy away from conflict or approaching a team member to openly talk about tough topics. But we find out what may help you to overcome this reluctance and have open and trustful conversations with people on your team.



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This episode was recorded on 27-Mar-2019.

Show Notes

You can find Alex on Twitter as @alex_schl, on LinkedIn and learn more about her on her website.

The intro/outro music in the podcast was made with Sonic Pi from this code.

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