Episode 10

Building Team Trust with Daniel Jilg

In this episode, I spoke with Daniel Jilg, a Freelance CTO and Developer. The main theme of our conversation was building team trust. Daniel shares his learnings and mistakes as a leader and CTO. We learn about his background of how he has grown from these learnings and used them to become a better leader.

We discuss not losing yourself in the technical parts of work and keeping in touch with the human side.

Along these same lines, we then discuss being willing to listen to your team, how to not be a bystander of bad workplace behaviours, speaking up when necessary, and becoming an ally.

My favorite quote from what Daniel said occurs at ~13min:

As white, cis men we are often unaware of the damage we’re doing. So if you have someone on the team who is part of a minority in tech, then it’s even more important that you educate yourself about their situation and try to empathize with them and be willing to listen about their experience in that regard.


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This episode was recorded on 09-Jan-2020.


You can also read the transcription of this episode.

Show Notes

Connect with Daniel on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn.

~3min Merlin Mann’s podcast on productivity

~7min Most important thing Daniel learned as CTO: Defining decisions

~8min Delegating, being clear about goals, talking about your direction as a leader.

~10min Paul Watzlawick

~15min Claire Lew on “The 3 most effective ways to build trust as a leader”

~20min Leading by example, calling out wrong behaviour

~27min Being fair and forming open, trusting and productive relationships, while taking power imbalances into account

~33min Being reflective and leading by example

~37min How to not be a bystander of bad workplace behaviours

~39min #humansconf, the conference centered around the most important thing when it comes to impactful technology products: People & their interactions!
It happens 21-23 May 2020, close to Frankfurt/Main in Germany.

~40min Daniel’s App: Libi - Your personal mood and libido tracker

The intro/outro music in the podcast was made with Sonic Pi from this code.

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