Episode 14

About Organizational Development with Tobias Leonhardt

In this episode, I spoke with Tobias Leonhardt.
Tobias helps organizations scale by coaching them to nurture trusting cultures and helping them establish scalable organizational models, where individuals are trusted with high autonomy.

In the beginning of our conversation, when asked if he describes himself as an organizational development coach, Tobias says about himself:

Today I would say, it’s evolving, it’s not Org Developer anymore. […] I learn so much more every day, about people and culture. And I don’t have a title for it anymore. I think the work is about loving people and helping them to grow, and by this helping the organization to grow.

Later, around ~20min, we also touch on the different mechanics and social technologies that Tobias implements at companies:

It’s the process of following your tension, processing it. And you involve more and more people, which means you involve more and more perspectives […] How something easily gets too big to be assessed by one mind, really via these technologies you can activate collective intelligence and multi perspectives looking on one proposal and to see if it can cause harm to your organization.

Disclaimer: At the time of the recording, Tobias and I are working at the decision automation platform BRYTER.


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This episode was recorded on 11-May-2020.


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Show Notes

Connect with Tobias on Linkedin or find out more about him on his personal website.

~5min Becoming an org development coach

~7min How trust and human connections can be underlying principles in shaping organizations

~9min Organizational models, operating system, and oberving high performing teams

~11min Organizational mechanics, processing tension, and meeting governance

~13min Creating a social technology system based on trust

~15min Creating mechanics for checks and balances

~16min Recognizing small hints, gut feelings, and tension to predict failure

~22min Making informed decisions and applying Agile technologies on an organizational level

~23min Find leadership competence and balance in your inner dialog when dealing with tension

~25min Have conversations about feeling and feedback; escape the drama triangle

~26min Attracting senior and high performing employee’s for hyper growth

~29min The importance of having a structure for culture; having aligned technologies

~32min The onboarding journey and creating a culture that scales

~35min Adapting, responding, and using a shared language in an organization

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Production & Editing

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