Work I've done in the past

  • Build effective engineering organizations, that continuously delivers value to their clients, while continuously improving their practices and growing as people.
  • Facilitating and nurturing humane and empathetic team and company cultures


  • Helped multiple startups develop and execute recruiting and hiring strategies so that top-talent will knock on their door asking to come in.

Mentor & Train

  • Mentored multiple teams build empathetic and candid feedback cultures
  • Facilitate or improve retrospective and blame-less debriefing meetings, and make them an effective and integral part of a continuous improvement culture.
  • Team Debugging: Analysed a tech organisation comprised of multiple teams, their processes and technologies holistically, in order to help them find and remove bottlenecks, increase speed and throughput, and deliver with higher frequency.
  • Support companies in adopting effective remote-working practices


  • Coach engineering managers and teamleads with their various challenges, such as having difficult conversations with people from their team, managing in all directions, feeling overwhelmed by the breadth of responsibilities.
  • Coach founders on finding the right people to achieve the company’s objectives.

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