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Hi 👋,
my name is Benjamin Reitzammer, I'm a Freelance CTO and Developer and I'm very much interested to get to know you.

You're interested in working with me or simply want to know more than what is on this page? Just tell me.

Who am I

I’m a generalist, with roughly 20 years experience of working in information technology. Starting out as a System- Administrator-turned-Software-Developer, I moved to Engineering Management positions over time. Some of the last roles I held include four years as CTO of Robo-Advisor Fintech vaamo, Teamlead in Marketing Agencies, Ruby on Rails Developer in a SaaS company.

In all my roles I aim to foster empathetic teams with a culture of continuous improvement, personal growth and leadership on all levels. I think it’s imperative to work with diverse and cross-functional teams in increments, in order to sustainably and continuously build relevant solutions.

Through my work in the software development community over the last years, organizing conferences and meetups, I’m well-connected in the community and delivered talks and workshops in a wide range of events.

A snapshot of work I’ve done in the past

  • Build effective engineering organizations, that continuously delivers value to their clients, while continuously improving their practices and growing as people.
  • Facilitating and nurturing humane and empathetic team and company cultures
  • Help teams develop and execute hiring and recruiting strategies so that top-talent will knock on their door asking to come in.
  • Coach engineering managers and teamleads with their various challenges, such as having difficult conversations with people from their team, managing in all directions, feeling overwhelmed by the breadth of responsibilities.
  • Help teams build empathetic and candid feedback cultures
  • Help teams adopt or improve retrospective and blame-less debriefing meetings, and make them an effective and integral part of their continuous improvement culture.
  • Team Debugging: Analyse teams, their processes and technologies holistically, in order to help them find and remove bottlenecks, increase speed and throughput, and deliver with higher frequency.
  • Support companies in adopting effective remote-working practices

My Core Beliefs

If you don’t necessarily subscribe to the following beliefs with the same fervor as I do, then we should definitely talk, as I’m very interested to hear about the beliefs that guide your work.

People first: I believe that people are not a resource. People are the foundation and pillars of every software-related organization, and therefore should be treated as such. With humanity, dignity, respect, empathy, openness, to enable strong relationships rooted in trust and clear communication.

Everything is a system: From this belief follows, that there is no silver bullet and most of the times also no straightforward solution to a challenge. No Agile is the same in any company, not one technology xyz can be the only answer to a team’s or company’s challenges.
Instead in order to overcome challenges, we must look at teams, their current solutions and their challenges holistically, and improve them with clear, measurable experiments.

Supporting & Serving People is the most effective way to lead: In today’s complex environments anybody who claims to have all the information and therefore should make all decisions, is holding on to a very dangerous illusion. Instead leaders should support and serve others around them and let authority reside with the information.

Diversity & Inclusion cannot take a backseat: Building diverse teams rooted in inclusive behaviours is not only a sensible thing to do from a business point of view, it’s the right thing to do.

Let’s talk

You’ve read this far? Then go on, write me a sentence about what you think about all this.